Gantry Guy Wire Stabilization Kit


2 Tensioner Kit  $39.95
4 Tensioner Kit  $57.95


When I first spotted the CR10 I noticed it was closely designed to a machine I invented and built over 30 years ago that Hotwire Cut Styrofoam.
One of the problems I faced while improving the performance and quality of my Foam Cutter was to stabilize the gantry with guy wires…
I can assuredly say this is the biggest single improvement you can make to your CR10 or any gantry style machine.
You will notice a huge improvement especially as your gantry gets to the higher slices.
The back and forth reciprocal motion of the build table will now be “tamed”.
See our accompanying rubber feet that stop the side rail spans from flexing up and down.
BANG!  no more ripples and ringing in your prints and turn up the speed at least 30% faster!

Standart Kit comes with 2 Tensioners and 2 Anchors.  Up-grade Kit comes with 4 Tensioners for easier adjustments.

Additional information

Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 3 in
Guy Wire Kit 2 Tension-er

Guy Wire Kit 2 Tension-er

Guy Wire Kit 4 Tension-er

Guy Wire Kit 4 Tension-er


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