Links to instructional videos on YouTube.

YouTube Instructional Video Links

Stinger II auto bed leveling)                 

Stinger II PID Tuning)                            

Stinger II Maintenance)                        

Stinger II Zee Offset )                           

Stinger II Installation)                           

Stinger ABL Intro)                                 

Stinger ABL for CR10)                           

Stinger CR10 upgrade)                         

Stinger Installation Adendum E3D)    

Stinger Setting the Z Offset)                    

CR10 Frankenstein Board Touchscreen)

TronXY Tronkenstein RampsTFT Screen)

Eccentric Bushings)                                   

TronXY X3s part 1)                                

TronXY X3s part2)                                 

Super Surface Easy)                                 

Super Surfacepart 1)                             

Dual Z Mechanical linked kit)               

Bad Vibes Guy Wire anti vibration)    

Tuning the Cr10 X Beam)                     

Tiny Cracks CR10 Desing issues)          

CR10 E3d V6 Hotend Instalation)         

.stl File Links

E3D V6 Hot End holder Fangs on Thiniverse.

We will provide updated firmware for all of our products requiring firmware modifications.

This requires information from you on the specific setup you are using.

PLEASE email or send as a note with your order with the following:
Printer Model
Hot End
Termister for hot end
Control Board version

LIST of Thermistor Code for Marlin

LIST of Thermistor Code for Marlin

Marlin lists it’s thermistor codes as follows:
   This insures proper PID operation.
When choosing Firmware ZIP File Guide…
#1      Stock CR10, CR10S, MICRO-SWISS
#5      E3D V6
#11    Clone E3D